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About Us

Cypress Creek Publishing began with a personal interest in 2006 during Post-Katrina travels to view and document areas of New Orleans devastated by the storm. After seeing the damage to my relatives' homes and hearing their personal stories of recovery over ruin, I was inspired to create my first fund-raising book, New Orleans: A Post-Katrina Photo Essay. These simple snapshots of time in neighborhoods of New Orleans captured many buildings, homes and places of worship that have since been demolished; rebuilding continues four years later.

We are now a small independent press with a big commitment for success. We have helped numerous friends and business associates with the process of transferring their thoughts, stories and feelings into written word to share with the world.

Family has always been an important part of both our personal and professional lives and we consider our clients as family, by developing working relationships through traditional Southern hospitality.

If you are an upcoming or established author looking to reach the world, please contact us for an initial complimentary and personal consultation.

Proud to be Green



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